Remembering Feeling

As I was walking to the cafe where I have my morning coffee, I was stuck by the thought that by remembering the feeling of love, of being wanted and feeling connected to someone. And feeling it, then it is as real in this moment as it was in that moment.

We control what we choose to feel.  If we can recall what it feels like to be included, loved, respected, needed and then feel it, be it, nurture the gift.  Then we will attract that behaviour.

My Intention when I awake is to feel without thinking, to allow the sleep state of consciousness to linger, to drift where fleeting fragments take me.  Zero resistance. Feel the lightness of being.  Remember my dreams. Feel the new day emerge. Feel the purity of beginning.

Remembering feeling; feeling the feeling again - it's real. It's real. Feel gratitude for the calm gentleness, feel the grace, float unencumbered. Feel complete. Feel enough. Feel joy. Feel gratitude.