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The little App that could

One of the perenial complaints about feedback is that it doesn't happen on a timely basis, is sometimes fraught with judgement, fear of ridicule or punishment.

The little App that could

This little App is an organic way to create a feedback loop that provides real time, real life, real and constructive feedback - when you want it, when you need it.  It blends with the process rather than interrupting it - it goes with the flow.  It is a heartbeat. Driven by intuition.

Customised to suit your purpose.  Tactical, Strategic, Urgent/Important, Duplicated, Time-sensitive / important.

The App that provides people working in organisations with a real-time self-assessment, feedback on ideas, situations, progress, vision, group performance, standard kpi and general well-being.  What you want, what you need, when you want it, when you need it.  Your heart beat. Your intuition.

Important vs. Urgent.

Availability of support teams: where honest, objective feedback can be given.  Where ideas can be exchanged.  Where all participants feel safe.  Where the only rule is to behave with integrity, respect and empathy.

The app would deliver a flash pulse on what's important/urgent customised to your daily situation.  It's your heartbeat - your intuition.

Turn it Off - Be Still

A daily health check on the things that are important - a holistic view.  A heat map of things that are happening.

Value alignment, Co-Creation, Resilience. Are you in the right job?  Do you inherently resonate with the goals, values and purpose of the organisation? Are you at one with what is expected of you and what you want to do, to grow, to learn, to contribute?  Do you see failure as a way to learn? How are mistakes recognised and resolved?  Do you feel you have a voice?

The magnificent alchemy of blending respect, robust discussion and challenging the constructs.

Nuts and Bolts

Fast, Secure, Unlimited capacity (block chain) - tbc

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