Critical Thinking

What is Critical Thinking and Why is It important to a healthy organisation.  Cultivating curiousity in what is happening around us is a healthy and important attitude to help people own their decisions and actions.  Acceptance that learning from mistakes is of benefit to everyone. And recognising and rewarding initiative and successful outcomes is equally important.

There are seven key elements to critical thinking and by understanding and cultivating these attitudes through the whole of business a culture of observation, collection and analysis of data can be nurtured.

  1. Describe the observation
  2. Are there things you can't explain or seem out of place
  3. What is the most important issue(s) within the context of the identified question(s)
  4. What type of data is available
  5. What systems are most appropriate for data collection, storage, retrievable
  6. Who is responsible for data integrity and analysis
  7. What are the processes for the forming and functioning of  collaborative cohorts.

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