Purity of Purpose

Purity:  freedom from adulteration or contamination.

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Purity of purpose - a single minded approach to your occupation.  Unemcumbered by doubt. A sense of belonging and sense of worth.  Regardless of difficulties or adversity believing and feeling you are where you should be.

Are you in the sweet spot?  Congratulations for those who have found their place in life.  For those who would like to wake up every morning with a sense of excitement and expectation of the day to come; here are 3 things you may like to consider doing to begin your journey:

  • Meditation (and or Yoga) - meditating each day (several times) helps calm the mind and bring to the surface your sub-conscious feelings.  Breathing deeply and relaxing, releasing conscious thought, tension and fear.  This will give you a new vitality and you will start to see and feel whether you are going in the right direction.
  • Rituals - are actions you do that have meaning to you.  It may be family rituals like a monthly outing, or the way you greet your children. Or it may be to start your morning with yoga and meditation, or sitting quietly and having a nourishing breakfast.  The idea of a ritual is that it is special and keeps you in the moment feeling calm and joyful.
  • Practice non-verbal body language.  High power poses - in a private place, choose the pose that suits the moment.  Hold the pose for about 2 minutes before you go into a stressful meeting, job interview, review, or whatever it is you need to do that makes you nervous or feel vulnerable.

Stand like you mean it - non-verbal body language.  Feeling powerful, feeling like a winner, feeling happy.  Watch the video below for insight into how to feel better about yourself and the way you act.  In short:

Stand with your hands in the air for around 2 minutes before you go into an important meeting, as a morning ritual or whenever you feel the need for a confidence boost.  This is how winners instinctively react.

Stand with your hands on your hips if you want to feel powerful.  Feel that you can do anything you put your mind to.  

Smile, regardless of the situation, and you will feel happier and be more receptive and relaxed.

Shame, Vulnerability, Courage

Shame cannot survive empathy.

Shame - is the thing that stops you being who you want to be - you are good enough.  Have courage, be vulnerable - be in it.  Failure is always an option, giving up isn't.  We are our own worst critics.

Vulnerability is not weakness - it could be considered emotional risk, exposure, uncertainty*. It is the courage to be seen, to be ourselves, to be honest.

Failing is ok.  Learning, embracing the feeling, try it again. You are doing it.  Feeling shame is ok, feel it, let it go.  You are doing it.  You are enough - believe it.  We are more critical of ourselves than others.  Shame is a focus on self - I am.  Guilt is a focus on action - I did.

The theory of minority influence - a small number of consistent empathic, positive comments can change the tide.  Speak up with intention, instead of attention.

Vulnerability is:

  • our most accurate measure of courage.*
  • the birth place of innovation, creativity and change.*
  • essential for whole hearted living.*

  - Brene Brown*

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