Courage and Vulnerability

Shame, Vulnerability, Courage

Courage: "Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." Dictionary,  Accessed 4/28/2020.

Shame cannot survive empathy.

Shame - is the thing that stops you being who you want to be - you are good enough.  Have courage, be vulnerable - be in it.  Failure is always an option, giving up isn't.  We are our own worst critics.

Vulnerability is not weakness - it could be considered emotional risk, exposure, uncertainty*. It is the courage to be seen, to be ourselves, to be honest.

Failing is ok.  Learning, embracing the feeling, try it again. You are doing it.  Feeling shame is ok, feel it, let it go.  You are doing it.  You are enough - believe it.  We are more critical of ourselves than others.  Shame is a focus on self - I am.  Guilt is a focus on action - I did.

The theory of minority influence - a small number of consistent empathic, positive comments can change the tide.  Speak up with intention, instead of attention.

Vulnerability is:

  • our most accurate measure of courage.*
  • the birth place of innovation, creativity and change.*
  • essential for whole hearted living.*

  - Brene Brown*

Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash

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