Daily Rituals

Below are some rituals that are consistent across a range of articles, research and journals.

Rituals are acts of mindfulness.  They create meaning and keep you in the moment. Rituals promote good health and energy.

Rituals keep you in the moment.  Many successful people undertake daily rituals to center, de-stress and focus on what they need.

Get up early*

  • Spend time learning and meditating.
  • Find an activity that is meaningful and provides you with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

*this seems to be a consistent practice of busy, successful people, however, if you are an evening person, it may be worth reversing the process.

A book worth reading is Stillness is the Key, Ryan 

Exercise, any kind of movement

  • Stretching
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Tai Chi

Eat a healthy breakfast (or skip it if that works for you)

Take regular breaks to:

  • Breath
  • Walk
  • Drink Water


Breathing, seems like something we all do.  However, when you slow your breathing, breath deeply (feel you stomach expand), hold for a moment and slowly exhale; you will notice that anxiety diminishes and disappears, you feel more energised and you are able to focus more easily.  What deep regular breathing also does is bring oxygen into your system and co2 out, which also helps boost your immune system.

Make it a daily ritual.  Sit quietly, let your mind calm and breath. Do this as many times a day as you feel and find the right balance for your best life.  Start in the morning as part of your getting ready ritual and last thing at night before your going to sleep ritual.

Breathing as a ritual is very useful in managing emotions.  If you are nervous, angry, anxious, or want to centre, or clear your thoughts.  Stop.  Breath. Relax. Take 10 deep breaths, hold each breath for about 4 seconds, then breath out slowly.  Also see Non-Verbal Body Language


Walking, like breathing is something that most of us do. Whan walking is treated as a ritual, it is done with complete focus on the action of walking, neither as a means nor a motive, simply being.  Walking and deep breathing make a good combination to calm, centre and let go of anxiety, fear or confusion.

I have found that if I am in a stressful situation and struggling to find a way forward, stopping, getting up and going for a walk, clears the mind, relaxes the nervers and invariably presents a way forward.  When you don't have time, that is the very best time to take a break, calm, breath and walk.  

Walking is helpful if you under stress, bored or happy. Clear your mind and feel the motion and breath.


Ask yourself, what good will I do today



Ask yourself, what good did I do today.


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Daily Rituals

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