Shared Values

Intend2Be logo reflects the philosophy of Shared Values.

The intersection of Customer, People and Business needs should be the cultural heart of your organisation.

From the senior management team and all the way through the organisation, these three questions should be asked constantly:

What is the most important thing in this instance for:

  1. our customers
  2. our people
  3. our business

What is the intersecting point.

Start there.

Shared values also underpin a philosophy/policy of diversity.  People can have varied views, approaches and methods solving a problem or developing a strategy and coupled with common values of integrity, respect for others, a desire for the best outcome and a willingness to listen and share will ensure a vibrant, flexible and happily diverse range of people working in harmony to achieve excellence.

I was part of a group who were very diverse in age, gender, background, education.  We had very heated (exciting) debates about strategy, market structure, pricing across each other's product responsibilities.  The discussions were open, honest and everyone had the intent of getting to the heart of the issue and finding the best solution.  We did that, many times, and regardless of who the catalyst was, everyone embraced the solution and did their best to support the team with whatever was required.

The learning with this group of people was that with integrity, intelligence, respect and a genuine desire for the best outcome, anyone can work together in a challenging and stimulating way that makes problem solving exciting and stimulating.

[Inspired by : and Lean Coffee Group ]

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