Team Compatibility

Team Compatibility & Organisational Harmony

Gender, Identity, Ethnicity

Team Structure

Attitude, aptitude, competence should be the first considerations in the selection of candidates for a team.  Keep an open mind. Look for the types of people who are likely to mix well - people who share a set of values - they don't necessarily have to agree with each other on everything.  In fact it's better that they don't.  Shared Values could include:

  1. Intention to participate and share
  2. Integrity and honesty in words and actions
  3. Empathy for others
  4. Capability
  5. Open mindedness
  6. Willingness to listen
  7. Intention to create the best outcome possible

 Ideally, the candidate selection pool should comprise of a fair spread of age, gender, experience, background, identity, ethnicity.(1)  Having sufficient people in the candidate pool is the primary requisite for a team who have the capacity to deliver the requirements of assisgned projects.

This started as an analysis of gender differences in the way males and females react, manage and interact.  However, it soon became apparent that with increasing awareness of diversity, it is appropriate to be mindful of  a wider range characteristics which may be at play when recruiting and team building.

Characteristics are generalisations and should be used as a general guide rather than a prescriptive set of rules.  When looking for the right people, focus on these qualities.

  1. Attitude
  2. Aptitude
  3. Capability

The aim of the team is to have a mix of people who share these values:

  1. Intregrity
  2. Intellect (capacity to do the job)
  3. Outcome oriented​

Team Dynamics

  • The team dynamic should be complementary, people do not have to be the "same", but should share the same set of values - integrity, curiosity, courtesy, desire to learn, desire to see the best outcome.
  • Consider natural strengths of people.  Everyone is good at something, let everyone find their own "best" way.  Allow the team dynamic to find it's own flow.
  • Let teams work out who is best for what role (based on their strengths, experience and vision) - self organising.  
  • Understand the differences and leverage the strengths of individuals.

  • Use the Customer Journey as the Anchor for Project outcomes.
  • Use self-healing(S) techniques to ensure each Team moderates views and gets the most out of individuals and team outcomes.
  • Regular check-ins to make sure people know what is expected of them now and in the future.

Acceptance of varying opinions  - there may be more than two sides to a matter.

Customers, Organisation, People

Document and display the Overlap between the Project Objectives, Customer, Organisation and People :

  • What is Important to our Customers
  • What is Important to our Organisation
  • What is Important to our People

Allow/encourage the emergence of a new organisational culture as an alternative to compromising on existing beliefs.

[ References: Gender DifferencesGender CommunicationsGender DiscriminationBest Ideas from Mixed Gender TeamsBest Companies for Women ]


  • Women hold 13.7% of chair positions and 25.8% of directorships, and represent 17.1% of CEOs and 30.5% of key management personnel (WGEA 2019, Data Explorer).
  • 29.7% of directors in the ASX 200 are women (December 2018) (AICD, 2019).
  • Women comprised 45.4% of new appointments to ASX 200 boards in 2018 (AICD, 2019).

​(1) Includes the way people identify -  there are many ways people identify and to get the most representative team candidates should be drawn from as wide a range as possible.  All sharing a set of values and the attitude and aptitude needed to achieve the best outcome for all.​ This is also relevant  to recruitment and career path managerment within an organisation.

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