An Open Letter to the Board

To Whom it May Concern

We are working for you and want to do the very best we can and we need you to do the same.

Below are some of the things my colleagues and I are wondering.

What would our business look like if we all knew what you really wanted us to do?

How much more productive could we be if we were able to share the good and problematic in an open, fair and positive environment?

How rewarding and satisfying would it be, to be surrounded by people interested in finding the best solution.  And where the expectation was to value the process of  exploring the complexities so that  outcome is the very best we can do.

How rewarding would it be if our organisation’s culture meant that there is no such thing as a bad idea.  That timing, care, thought and vision are used to develop, combine, modify, set aside ideas as part of the nurturing process?

How satisfying would it be to be able to debate the issues, outcomes and dependencies in a way that fosters excitement to find a solution.

How much easier would it be to start and finish when it suited my home commitments. 

How great would it be knowing the dependencies, deadlines and expectations so we can manage our time more efficiently and with much less stress.

How much easier it would be to deliver high quality all of the time if we had a small group of people we could collaborate with in a friendly, open, co-operative way.

How great would it be coming to work and feeling a positive and vibrant energy welcoming me.

How much safer would we feel knowing we have back-up if we are unable to do what is asked of us.

How much more secure we would feel if we were able to call on people to help us improve our knowledge, knowing that admitting a gap in knowledge is seen as a way to improve.

How great would it be if we could meet you, talk with you and hear your vision, your challenges and what you want from us.

The Management Team have a great responsibility to shepherd the values, vision and ethics of our organisation with the clarity of a single shared view.  A commitment that is founded on integrity, courage and vision.

With the single shared vision and full commitment through the organisation profit will surely flow easily and in abundance for all.

Yours faithfully

Everyone who shares the desire to see this organisation succeed.

[The above is a collection of anecdotal information absorbed and interpreted over the last 20+ years working in the corporate and business environment.]

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