Pamela Philpot, Founder and CEO Intend2Be

Pamela Philpot

Founder and CEO Intend2Be

Intend2Be - Authentic Energy


" .. creating high energy environments where people  thrive .."

I am excited about working with people in all walks of life.  Sharing ideas, collaborating and listening to the vast symphony of knowledge.

Intend2Be started as part of my journey to well being and so it seemed natural to combine more than 20 years working in the Business environment with the wisdom of the ages. 

Sharing this Knowledge with the aim of creating high energy environments where people can thrive.

A business alive with positive energy is an environment that attracts and keeps people who share your vision.

Your vision defines your success and the outcome will flow from the harmony  and energy in your organisation.

Whether your organisation has a 10,000 people or 10 the collective voice of harmony will turn a cacophony of noise into an inspirational symphony.